As a psychotherapist and co-author of Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt, I aim to guide and support my clients in the creation of a more fulfilling and authentic life. I believe this is achieved by looking deeply at ourselves. When we take responsibility for healing our own pain, we become more generous friends, more secure parents, more tolerant partners and more productive, compassionate members of society. Only by giving to ourselves, do we have something of value to give to others.  

The main modality of my practice is psychotherapy. My work is based in psychodynamic principles, meaning the focus will be to uncover unconscious and subconscious information. We do this by examining present symptoms, patterns of behavior, patterns in relationship, past and present family dynamics, dreams, wishes, fears and fantasies. Healing happens when repressed emotion has a chance to be acknowledged and processed. This new awareness also leads to a deeper understanding of the self. Suddenly behavior that seemed to "come of of nowhere" begins to make sense. Therapy helps us make connections and see patterns so we can avoid old pitfalls and make choices that are aligned with our true wants, needs and values. 

I also take a holistic approach to treatment. The mind is not separate from the body, the heart or the spirit. All four aspects of the self are inextricably linked. Our journey together may include a reevaluation of physical habits or suggestions for herbal or naturopathic supplements. Existential and spiritual issues are also considered. I am deeply interested in helping clients discover their life's purpose and soul yearnings. I believe that we are each co-creators in our lives. When we learn how to utilize the tools of creating, we have the power to make whatever it is we imagine a reality. 

Psychotherapy is appropriate for various life problems and predicaments such as panic attacks, depression, grief, romantic or relationship troubles, addiction, and loss. This process is also helpful for answering big questions such as "Who am I?","Why am I here?" and "What does all of this mean?" 




 Office Address: 928 Broadway Suite 503, Btw 21st and 22nd New York, NY 10010