The problems and predicaments that drive us to begin therapy can take many forms. Perhaps you are plagued by panic and need to know how to manage attacks. Maybe romance has always been troublesome and you suspect this is connected to your parents divorce. It could be you’re looking for a way to deal with a death. Or perhaps you really just want to know why you are here and then you’ll be able to get on with your life.

Whatever the inquiry or issue, I help guide my patients through a process of self-examination, aimed at a raising self-awareness and reducing suffering. This includes acquiring skills and tools to deal with the stresses of daily life, but more importantly, this process is about discovering and accepting who you truly are. So instead of continuing to be held back by self-doubt, negative predictions and ungrounded expectations of yourself and others, you can begin to unlock your unique creativity and realize your full potential.

My work is based in psychodynamic principals, meaning the focus of the treatment will be to uncover unconscious motivations and behavioral patterns that lead to difficulties. Yet I take a holistic approach to healing. The mind is not separate from the body, the heart or the spirit. Anxiety can be the result of a stressful circumstance, past trauma, or distorted thinking, yet it can also result from an imbalanced small intestine and treatment will therefore include a powerful daily probiotic. Whether the issue is depression or divorce, anger or addiction, deep transformation occurs when all aspects of one’s experience are considered and supported.  

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